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About our Pilots:

With several years flying experience, our FAA Licensed and Registered Drone Pilots supply you with the experience and know-how needed to complete any Aerial Video and Photography Task.


Our Drones are fully FAA Certified and approved through Part 107 of the FAA's Policy on Drone Commercial use.

FAA Credentials:

- Part 107 Certificate
- 8710-13 Remote Pilot Certificate

Our Drones have several built in safety features:

- Loss Of Signal (Upon weak or low Satellite Signal, our Drones automatically and safely return to and Land precisely where it was launched.)
- Low Battery (When low Battery levels are detected, our Drones automatically perform a safe, controlled Landing.)

About Our Drones:

- The High-Definition Cameras on our Drones will give you the Experience that normal Aircraft Photography can't match in quality or pricing.
Aerial Photos

- $100 / Hr (Includes Professional Drone Service that includes FAA Licensed and Registered Drone Pilot, Aircraft and Ground Station Equipment).
- Package includes all High-Definition Photos taken during the Session.

Aerial Video

- $400 (Includes Video production up to 5 minutes of Aerial Footage.
(Edited to include best Shots, Music, Logo or Branding)

- $200 (Includes Aerial Footage as is. No Editing / Music)

Additional Charges that may apply

- If the Travel Time to the Project Location exceeds one Hour, then ​$50 per Hour, for every extra Hour traveled.

- All Rates and charges are negotiable based on the Scale of Project, Demographics and Hours required on a Case by Case basis.

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